Top 10 Scream Queens


1. Jamie Lee Curtis – Star of Halloween, Prom Night and The Fog. The ULTIMATE female in horror.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Everyone’s favourite vampire slayer.

3. Rose McGowan – She was almost there in Wes Craven’s Scream, but she earned her scream queen crown as Cherry Darling in Grindhouse.

4. Drew Barrymore – She impressed us in Scream, but her outburst in Donnie Darko scooped the prize.

5. Susan Sarandon – Her raunchy sex scene with a female vampire in offbeat horror flick The Hunger gives her even more Brownie points.

6. Shawnee Smith – Star of The Blob, The X-Files, The Stand, all the Saw films…and host of reality show Scream Queen.

7. Sigourney Weaver – Sigourney’s character Ripley in the Alien trilogy oozed with pulse-quickening confidence.

8. Janet Leigh – The Psycho star produced one of the most iconic screams in screen history.

9. Marilyn Burns – Star of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

10. The cast of The Descent – Six women in a cave, covered in dirt and battling for survival. Can’t argue with that.


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