Lily Collins To Play “Ash” In Evil Dead Remake

As if the idea of remaking such a horror classic wasn’t controversial enough it has now been revealed that the beloved character of Ash has been eliminated from the equation altogether in favour of Phil Collins’ beautiful daughter, Lily.

An entirely new set of characters will be entering the woods to discover the Book Of The Dead and tormented by the sadistic spirited that dwells within its pages. We can be forgiven for thinking that Lily would have been playing the love interest in the film however it’s reported she will play Mia, a recovering drug addict whose friends take her one a relaxing vacation to help take her mind of her addiction.

Although I’m not a fan of the remake factory that is currently chugging out dross like there’s no tomorrow, I do feel if a remake is to be done then it’s best to distance itself from the original as much as possible à la Dawn Of The Dead (2004).

Sam Raimi will have a hard time reprising his magical, low-budget indie flick and keeping its spirit with the big budget and flashy effects that he is now accustomed to.

It’s early days so watch this space………..