Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (2010)

Initially I found the prospect of this film quite repellent. From the plot it sounded like it would be a hammy romp with little of interest to recommend. The more I discovered about the film the more positive praise it received and the more I became intrigued, much to my chagrin.

At its core this film is a horror comedy but for me it was much more. It’s a wonderful exploration into genre stereotypes that’s packaged immaculately and incredibly fun.

The film regards Tucker and Dale (Alan Tudyk & Tyler Labine) who are heading to their new summer cabin to begin restoration. Also in the area are a group of rowdy teens out for some debauched fun. When the pretty (yet out of place) Allison (Karina Bowden) knocks herself out whilst skinny dipping, Tucker and Dale come to the rescue. While the group of terrified teens plot ways to “rescue” their kidnapped comrade from the “evil” hillbilly’s, the good natured Tucker and Dale continue their daily business unaware. The continual miscommunication and numerous misunderstandings between the two camps leads to an ever growing pile of teen bodies and leaves the dubious duo in a very sticky position when a local law enforcer is alerted to their alleged crimes.

The film runs with two interesting parallels. You see the terror from the side of the kids, all of them typical horror stock, who get so caught up in the “horror” of their situation that things soon spiral out of control. The comedic side from Tucker and Dale prevails throughout and is timed to perfection, incorporating many of our beloved slasher stereotypes which will have any genre fan laughing hysterically at the irony. These dual roles give this film a very rare insight and a unique place in the huge din of horror movies that are rolled out each year. You can understand both sides of the story and in an interesting twist the surviving kids must confront the fact that it’s them who have become the monster that they cultivated Tucker and Dale to be. One finally gives in to his inner rage due to his tragic past and becomes the first true villain of the film leading to a tense (and hilarious) ending.

The kills or “suicides” are inventive and handled expertly, the gore is sufficient and it’s laced with beautiful people and PG nudity, but most of all it’s fun. For me it ticks all the boxes, go and watch it now!

Score: 555/666


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