Top 10 Zombie Movies

With The Walking Dead being so hot right now, I half expect that soon we will have beautiful zombies lusting after a plain girl and fighting their baser cravings. Oh wait a minute, Warm Bodies is due out this year isn’t it?

Well before this influx of movies degrading our beloved cannibalistic fiends, let us remember them as they should be while we still can. You’ll find no possessions or infections or blood suckers, just 100% carnivorous decadence.

10. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

This popular English zomedy manages the successful merging of horror and comedy that has caused many to copy but few to live up to its standards. It takes our traditional zombies and keeps them looking fabulous whilst keeping up with the casts hilarious slapstick shenanigans. Simon Pegg at his best.

9.  Fido (2006)

This kitsch comedy once again shows the funny side of zombies. The stance of the movie is interesting and its always nice to see an indivdual zombie stealing the limelight rather than being another face in the horde. Billy Connolly shines in all his domesticated glory.

8. Zombie AKA Zombi 2 (1979)

Quite the controversial film in its day (particularly in my native England). This film has stood the test of time and took zombies to a new tropical destination. Brutal and brilliant, this film will always stand as not only one of the best zombie movies but also as containing some of the most iconic zombie images of all time.

7. Deadgirl (2008)

A truly unique take on the genre yet it still keeps our zombies (or rather zombie) as we love them; vicious, inhuman and nasty. A real trendsetter that is often uncomfortable to watch. I believe in time appreciation for this brilliant movie will continue to grow.

6. Return of the Living Dead (1985)

A real parody of the genre that pokes fun at itself the whole way through. It’s brash and inconsistent, but throughly entertaining and it still manages to scare me atleast… (although maybe I’m just a wimp). Long live Tarman, or should I say long die?

5. Dawn of the Dead (1978)

This film really delves into the idea of the zombie apocalypse with a social commentary played seamlessly alongside the action.  Considered by many as the best in the genre and I can certainly see why. a sequel that really stands up agaisnt the original; George A. Romero gives another masterclass in horror.

4. Braindead AKA Dead Alive (1992)

What a blood bath! The movie incorporates so much blood they must have emptied every blood bank in New Zealand. Peter Jackson tenses his directorial muscles in this movie that will keep any gorehound happy and entertained till the cows come home (or sheep).

3. Dead Snow (2009)

A new movie but very worthy addition to the list. Who knew that snow, medical students and zombie Nazis were a recipe for success? I wouldn’t have thought so either, but this film works on every level and is immensely enjoyable throughout. Those damn Nazis just can’t let it go.

2. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Subject to numerous remakes and of course none came even close. This is where it all began and George A. Romero forged the zombie we know and love today. That accolade alone guaranteed it a place on the list and the fact it’s years ahead of time almost propelled it to the top…almost.

1. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Maybe a controversial choice; the dreaded remake. I feel almost sacrilegious doing this, but the Dawn of the Dead remake is an amazing ride that is so much fun and utterly terrifying. It took our slow, shambling friends and turned them into lightning fast predators. Zombies have never looked so scary. Leave the remake stigma aside and maybe you’ll see that a remake got it amazingly right- for once.

So here’s to the zombie; let’s hope they continue to both terrify and amuse us for years to come. I’ll drink to that.

Check out the new stills from Warm Bodies (2012)

Need a new zombie movie? Look no futher.


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  1. Have only seen about half of these. I sense a trip to the video store is in order. Nice pick on Dead Snow. Loved that one.

    1. Luke Tutt (slappysquirrel) says:

      Am I sensing a zombie night coming on? lol Defo give the rest of these a view when you can, they are all amazing films and there were a lot of movies to choose from, I had a tough time whittling them down (it was also tough excluding things like rec and 28 days later lol)

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