Feast (2005)

Let the good times roll! I knew I was in for a treat with this one within the first minute. We have a bar full of a mishmash of stereotypical characters including Hot Wheels (Josh Zuckerman), Bozo (Balthazar Getty) and Coach (Henry Rollins), each with a unique and hilarious introduction. We get no names here, just delightful epithets that summarise their persona and their vital statistics. Place your bets people.

The patrons fill gap left by the malaise of their unfulfilling lives with booze and bravado. When the mysterious “Hero” (Eric Dane) arrives warning them that a family of vicious creatures are heading their way they are wary and resentful that their internal lamentations have been disturbed. When one of the creatures turns up hungry and looking for a meal they realise it’s no joke and trapped inside the bar they must put their wits against the monsters to escape. It’s safe to say these attempts are not entirely successful and lead to much hilarity, blood and a massive pile of bodies.

Feast kept me guessing the whole way along. As always, I tried to predict my survivors and kill order; I was wrong pretty much the whole time. Characters are wiped out on a whim, passing their stock role onto another character that is then also butchered. Those who should be amongst the first to perish long outlive their badass counterparts giving the film a really dynamic quality and interesting perspective.

The monsters themselves are pretty unique too; they are very realistic and allowed to develop a certain amount of individual character which is rare in a horror movie. They form a full family unit, (after all, a family that hunts together, stays together) even to the point of seeing the monsters fornicating when their baby is killed by the barfly’s.

The jumps replace any genuine scares but the comedy is so strong and the blood spilled so freely that it doesn’t matter one bit. This will keep you entertained right ill the end; and probably confused about who you should be cheering for. This movie is truly a Feast for the horror fans soul.

Score: 555/666

Video sourced from Youtube.


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