Hothouse Hottie: Noomi Rapace (January 2012)

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She’s beautiful, she’s talented, she’s fierce – she’s all anyone is talking about right now. Oh yeah, and she’s hot. Yes, it’s the original ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, Noomi Rapace.

She burst into recognition with the Swedish film adaption of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo back in 2009 as the heavily pierced and tattooed, not to mention slightly unhinged, Lisbeth Salander. It was a confusing time for us all as we couldn’t figure out whether we thought she was simply just awesome and kind of wanted to be her (ssh, we didn’t say that) or whether we actually just wanted to be with her. Our minds were all pretty much made up by the time we saw her reveal the dragon tattoo in question…and that perfect blend of androgyny and feminine curves. Not to mention that scowl – hot.

Noomi Rapace Lisbeth Salander image sourced from http://media.screened.comThen of course we saw her bed down with another woman in The Girl Who Played With Fire (warning, it’s a little explicit 2 mins in…) Since then we’ve seen her make big time in Hollywood continuing her role of the infamous hacker in the Millennium series sequels. Not to mention the latest instalment of the Sherlock Holmes series, A Game of Shadows, where we can see her charming Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr as (in her own words); “a traveller [who is] cool [but] a bit crazy”. What is it with Rapace and these disturbed roles? Not that I in anyway mind. In fact, it’s preferable.

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So whilst people bitch and moan about Rooney Mara and who is the better Lisbeth and why, we at The Horror Hothouse Review are mostly looking forward to – or rather chomping at the bit about – her upcoming performance as scientist come survivor, Elizabeth Shaw, in Ridley Scott’s much-awaited Prometheus (See our preview and trailer here). It’s definitely one of our most anticipated films on 2012!

Equally as intriguing as the potentially-yet-potentially not Alien prequel, is her 2013 role as a sailor on a merchant ship helping to transport Dracula’s coffin from Transylvania to England in The Last Voyage of Demeter. Yes, we are being serious…and also starring Jude Law, apparently.

Personally, we hope that we’ll see much more of Miss Rapace in the disturbed roles she seems so at home in. So whether you’re a Rooney fan or a hard-core Noomi fan, I defy you not to fall just a little bit in love with her. We’re just wishing for a little full-on ‘horror horror’ so we can fully indulge in our new-found obsession.

 If the ladies don’t really do it for you, be sure to be out our Hothouse Hunk for January 2012- the fantastically hot Ryan ReynoldsNoomi Rapace image edited by Hothouse Horror

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