Hothouse Hunk: Ryan Reynolds (January 2012)

With the gorgeous Noomi Rapace being crowned Hothouse Hoe for January 2012 I’ll bet the ladies (and gay guys) had thought they’d been left out. Uh-huh, I bring you inaugural Hothouse Hunk; Ryan Reynolds.

After entertaining us for years in a mostly comedic capacity, Ryan finally joined us horror aficionados with Big Monster On Campus (2000). Not his most successful endeavor and still clinging onto the comedy we were forced to wait another four years till he joined us again in Blade: Trinity (2004) where he put on a fantastic show as Hannibal King (I’m sure Clarice would have been throwing herself at the glass to get to him had he played the other Hannibal in our lives).

Apparently he enjoyed his foray into horror so much that he returned a year later playing George Lutz in The Amityville Horror remake in 2005. This time he played it straight and delivered a terrifying (and of course gorgeous) performance. Kathy Lutz must have known there would be some kind of penance required for bagging such a hunk.

Sadly things have been a little quiet on the horror front since, other than the tense and claustrophobic Buried in 2010. Thankfully we all have the new crime thriller Safehouse to tide us over till he officially comes back to the fold; we wait with anticipation.

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