Triangle (2009)

I suppose the first thing I should mention about this movie is that it’s very densely layered and complex. This is not some easy going fun but a blink and you’ll miss it film; I just want to put that out there so you know what to expect.

The film starts with tender scenes of Jess (Melissa George) looking after her disabled child. After dropping him to school she goes to the harbour to meet Greg (Michael Dorman) and a collaboration of his friends for a relaxing day on his yacht. When a freak storm capsizes the boat and one of the group is lost the other begin to panic but luckily a mysterious ship appears and they climb aboard. Despite a feverish search it appears the ship is empty and the group foolishly begin to split up and explore. Jess is plague with a strong déjà vu, certain she has been there before, but of course is discredited by the others. Unfortunately the ship isn’t as empty as it seems and the fractured group is picked off by a masked assailant until Jess remains the sole survivor and must do battle with the masked murderer. Victorious, Jess manages to vanquish her enemy by knocking them into the ocean.

So that sounds like the end of the film right? What would you say if I told you that was only thirty odd minutes worth? What transpires is a complex and exciting series of events as seconds after Jess’ victory she sees herself and all of her dead friend arriving on the boat again. She must battle to stop history repeating itself against increasingly slim odds and continuing layers of confusion.

You must give this film 100% of your attention to get the most out of it. You’re there with Jess every step of the way, through the confusion, twists and revelations. Even the opening sequences will hold lots of interesting clues and titbits to what will occur later in the movie so take note. You won’t have any problems paying attention as the story is mercilessly engaging. I could hardly bare to move lest I miss a second of the plot as it unravels and then twists itself nicely into an orgasmically satisfying ending.

Director Christopher Smith certainly had his work cut out making sure this film worked but it was a definite triumph. He manages to instil a constant dread from start to finish and is supported by a fantastic cast most notably Melissa George and bright young Hollywood star Liam Hemsworth. You’ll be mulling over this film for hours after the credits have rolled and I dare you to resist a second watching to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

 Score: 666/666

Video sourced from Youtube.


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  1. Nice review guys. A great film in all departments, original and and it had a creepy atmosphere : )

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