Hothouse Horror Survival Guide #1: Always Check Under Your Bed

Welcome to Hothouse‘s Horror Survival Guide! We at Horror Hothouse want to make sure that you always survive the night. Whether it be ghosties, goulies, vamp, werewolves, zombies, or whatever else may hide in the shadows of your home – or otherwise. We want to ensure you a safe passage through life. Therefore, we have put together a few tips and tricks so you may squeeze yourself out of the tightest of situations – because remember – the horror fan never survives…

Hothouse Horror Survival Guide #1: Always Check Under Your Bed

Photo taken by Emma KnockHappily perched on the edge of your bed, perhaps checking your phone and paying no attention to your surroundings?

Photo taken by Luke TuttBut really, is that the safest thing for you to do? I mean…you didn’t check under there, did you? God knows what’s lurking.

Photo taken by Luke TuttPerhaps you will wish you did…

Photo taken by Emma Knock…when you feel those cold hands wrap around your ankles.

Photo taken by Emma KnockHow many horror films will you need to see before you learn?

Photo taken by Luke TuttThe Racoon may be waiting for you too.

So if you don’t wish to end up The Racoon’s new playmate, like poor Luke, then best beware – take a second and check.