Trailer: Silent House (2012)

Silent House Poster sourced from

Due to hit US screen this March, Silent House is the American remake of Gustavo Hernández’s La Casa Muda (2010). Based on a true story that happened in the 40s in a small village in Uruguay, the story revolves around a young woman named Sarah (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who is visiting her father at his lake house. Soon enough they find themselves in trouble (to put it lightly) when they are trapped inside the house with no means of contacting the outside world – and with no electricity, incidentally. Sarah engages in the ultimate battle for survival – and – goes a little bit insane.

Whilst the original may not be the best of film of all time, the single-shot effect gave it a little extra va-va-voom and it certainly held my interest. After seeing the trailer for this, I feel that perhaps the American remake will do the same for me, though I fear it may go a little over-the-top with the whole thing. But hey, don’t take my word for it- see the trailer below:

Video sourced from YouTube


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