Lily Collins replacement in Evil Dead remake found?

Well thing certainly move swiftly in the world of horror. Evil Dead remake planned, Lily Collins attached to star, Lily Collins drops out… Now Jane Levy of ABC sitcom Suburgatory fame is apparently in talks of stepping up to the plate.

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Well I guess it’s a win-win situation; one young beauty for another so for all purposes nothing much has changed for now. Will the purported curse continue with each starlet dropping out until we’re left with an abhorrent Kardashian sister in the driving seat?

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It’s sure to be one terrifying movie if she does, but tell me, how will we differentiate between the ghouls and our heroine?


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  1. Emma Knock says:

    Haha! When I saw that Kardashian I almost spat my water all over my laptop, thinking she (whichever one it is) was going to be in it.

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