Trailer: The Moth Diaries (2012)


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Whilst some of the vitals for this movie are still eluding us we finally have a trailer for upcoming IFC flick The Moth Diaries. With the interesting combination of implied vampiric, lesbian erotica; Mary Harron the acclaimed director of American Psycho and the delectably bizarre looking creature that is super model Lily Cole; we are sure to be in for a real good treat.

Slated for a limited release on April 20th we’ve not got long to wait for more concrete confirmation of its excellence… or otherwise. Will it usurp the legendary Suspiria or end up making The Covenant look good? You tell me…


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  1. an interesting vampire film for a change? I’ve meant to read the book for a while now, but things like work get in the way. thanks for the news.

    1. Emma Knock says:

      I reckon this could be pretty good, if they resist the temptation to get too…floaty with it, like they sometimes do!

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