Hothouse Hottie: Kristen Stewart (February 2012)

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With a face that I’ve fallen in lust with and an arse I could never say no to, I present to you February’s Hothouse Hottie of February 2012…

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First clambering her way onto the horror scene back in 2002 alongside the legendary Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart wasn’t much more than a pre-teen with a bad haircut, a shocked face and a pair of boys’ pajamas. Fast-forward six years and her face is plastered over every billboard and bus stop at least twice yearly and she is one of the biggest stars this century has yet seen. Thankfully she’s also grown out that bob and turned into one hell of a sexy b*tch (damn girl), there’s just something about that wild hair, pissed off look and smokin’ bod.

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Soon to star alongside our February Hothouse Hunk, Chris Hemsworth, in Snow White & The Huntsman and how could we forget Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II, which is due for release the back end of this year, Miss Stewart has decided to go back to her horror roots and is rumoured to be in talks with director Carlos Brooks about starring in Someone In The Dark, a film about a young man who finds himself “in a cruel game of cat and mouse with a mysterious young woman”.

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And of course how can we forget The Messengers and Cold Creek Manor? But now that she’s grown a bit, come on Kristen, stop teetering on the edge of horror and get stuck in to the gore! I bet she’d look good in a bloodied white vest…excuse me whilst I go and watch Welcome To The Rileys again. Jeezsh.

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If you swing the other way, check out our Hothouse Hunk for February 2012 – Chris Hemsworth here

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