Trailer: Graystone (2012)

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Graystone – or Secret Stone if you’re from the UK, because I guess it just offends us way too much to even consider writing ‘grey’ that way – has not had it’s official release date announced yet, but it will be sometime this year and I am thinking it actually might be pretty good.

It’s all about a group of filmmakers who break into an abandoned asylum, Graystone, back in 2009, to find out whether or not they believe the supernatural legend that shrouds the hospital. That legend being that anyone who enters the hospital will undoubtedly lose their mind (I know, sounds like standard fair, but a bit of fun). Naturally, said legend turns out to hold a little more weight than our filmmakers first anticipated and they are forced to face up to the consequences of coming face-to-face with escaped mental patients, demons and ghosts.

I love a derelict mental asylum, so let’s get this show on the road and announce a release date already.

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