Trailer: The Raven (2012)

The Raven poster sourced from

Now here’s a film I’m really looking forward to, The Raven. James Teigue (V For Vendetta) directs an account of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe’s life (all entirely fictional of course) whereby Poe (John Cusack) tries to help an investigation to track down a brutal murderer who is using the poet’s work as a basis for his killings.

The trailer comes across a little From Hell-esque at first, sadly John Cusack is no Johnny Depp anymore, but as it rolled on, I definitely found myself feeling just a little tense. By the end, I had decided that I simply must see this when it is released on 9th March of this year. I do love a good ‘who done it’ with the added bonus of clues to piece together!

Check out the trailer here:

Video sourced from YouTube


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