The Cave (2005)

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No, I didn’t find my way into mama and papa’s private video collection, The Cave is a noughties horror movie that centres on a group of scientists and divers who get trapped in an underground cave system in Romania during an exploration. The legendary diving team headed by brothers Jack & Tyler (Cole Hauser & Eddie Cibrian) try to keep order as they are hunted by bizarre troglobionts that are hell-bent on making a meal out of them. As the group begins to dwindle and Jack begins to exhibit odd signs of infections it’s a race against time to find their way to the surface and keep faith that sometimes, the only way to get to the surface is to go deeper.

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The best way to describe this movie is if you took The Descent and attenuated every bit of originality, terror and finesse. The two films were released at the same time are a perfect example of how two people can take very similar subject matter with one creating genius and the other mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, the film is by no means bad and it’s certainly entertaining enough to while away a little spare time but it is disappointingly predictable and pale. In short The Descent is everything The Cave isn’t.

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Generally the cast put on a good show and when they don’t most of the cast is attractive enough to fill the dead air but it’s always sad when a film is reduced to style over substance. Moving away from the middle to the positive stuff; the sets are really exciting and realistic as are the stunts; when the film does action it can be riveting but it never really gets to scary. There is a moderately interesting twist at the end but when the credits started rolling it received a pretty tepid reception all round.

My recommendation; watch this and The Descent in succession and you’ll be gabbing for hours about the superiority of the latter and the numerous dropped balls and missed opportunities in The Cave.

Score: 333/666

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