Hothouse Hottie: Kate Beckinsale (March 2012)

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Last month we were raving about Kristen Stewart’s arse, but after looking a little closer to home, there’s only one arse on our minds right now, and that belongs to Kate Beckinsale.

She burst onto the horror scene (after a brief spell back in ‘95 in Haunted) as the iconic vampire Selene in 2003’s Underworld – in a full latex cat suit, might I add. I don’t think any man – and probably a few women – could bear to tear their eyes away from the screen as she kicked Lycan butt.

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Sure, it might be her penchant for leather that makes Selene one of the most well known movie vampires of all time, but my God, does she look damn fine in that skin-tight suit, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get on her bad side….or maybe I would? *ponders masochistic thoughts*

Next up came Van Helsing, a film that I’m not embarrassed to say I actually really enjoyed even though it does has some flaws. Whatever the flaws, they were certainly not Kate Beckinsale’s, yet again dressed in leather (albeit a touch demurer) and kicking some serious monster butt as gypsy princess Anna.

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In 2007 we got to see Kate go from action heroine to the one that was being hunted in Vacancy. A great little horror movie, despite the fact there’s no signature Kate nudity. Oh well, we always have Underworld: Evolution for that…

Aside from starring in a few dodgy flicks, Miss Beckinsale’s career is just about as hot as she is, with the latest instalment of Underworld, Underworld: Awakening, and Contraband both hitting cinemas earlier this year to great reception – and let us not forgot the upcoming remake of Total Recall, which is due for release in August. So big up the Brits, with that body and that accent (it’s refreshing to have an English action heroine for once!), I’m pretty sure she could go for world domination.

Long live Queen Kate!

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