Hothouse Hunk: David Boreanaz (March 2012)

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Now you may find it odd that this month’s Hothouse Hunk happens to be David Boreanaz while we here at the Horror Hothouse are in the early stages of a Buffyathon, but I assure you it’s strictly coincidental and in no way indicative of either my obsession with the show or my fiery lust for the original undead dreamboat… well maybe the latter…

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We all remember David from the early days of his career in a breakout role as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then massive success on the eponymous spin off Angel. From these he solidified himself as a mainstay on our screens and picked up the role of Seeley Booth on the fantastic crime drama Bones. From the beginning his roots have clearly been with horror and the macabre and his work on the small screen have certainly kept him busy, but in the meantime he has thrown us the odd metaphorical bone or two with the likes of The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Suffering Man’s Charity and a terrifying performance in Valentine (what can I say, I have a weakness for slashers).

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I doesn’t look promising that David will offer us anything else in the horror vein for the foreseeable future but till then we can continue to revel in his beauty on our TV screens and seek solace in him with the potential Boreanaz-less Buffy reprisal. If Angel wasn’t hadn’t already risen again he’d be spinning in his grave.

So let’s raise a glass to the man who made brooding the new black.

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