Hothouse Hottie: Eva Green (April 2012)

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Eva Green is no stranger to the weird, the wonderful and the downright horrifying (and we’re not just talking about Daniel Craig’s Bond) and with the PR machine in full swing promoting Burton’s upcoming Dark Shadows in which Eva stars alongside Johnny Depp, she was a no brainer for April’s Hothouse Hottie.

She burst onto our screens back in 2003 in The Dreamers, an odd little French flick about a young American who strikes up an unconventional friendship with a brother and sister whilst studying in Paris during the 60s student riots. She spends a good portion of the film in the buff, which is excuse enough to watch it. Plus she smokes a lot in it and there are few things more sensual than a woman smoking, probably topped only by a  French woman smoking, then it goes from hot to ridiculously hot.

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2008 saw a good year for our Eva and the world sat up and took note as she was transformed into Bond Girl Vesper in Daniel’s Craig James Bond debut, Casino Royale.  She also starred in a sci-fi movie called Franklyn. A split narrative film set in present day London and in a future city. Eva Green’s character is characteristically fucked up and puts us in mind of a woman possessed. Still, somehow, it’s bloody hot.

Whilst Dark Shadows is Eva’s first proper horror (ok so it’s not exactly The Omen, but it has all the elements), she has already earned her stripes as far as we’re concerned with an impressive backlog of twisted and sometimes just plain sick characters. We salute Eva for taking the risk and playing some more challenging characters and love her balance between ‘Indie’ and Hollywood.

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In the words of her Dark Shadows character Angelique Bouchard…

“If I can’t have you, I’ll destroy you and your family!”

Ok, so maybe we wouldn’t go that far, but still, wow.

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