Hothouse Hunk: Alexander Skarsgård (April 2012)

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‘The Nordic God’ to his friends, where would we be without him? Since his first significant appearance in Zoolander he has gone from strength to strength and is not only a firm favorite on the small screen but is now a fixture on the big screen too, luckily for us.

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He exploded into prominence playing Eric Northman in True Blood, a surprising gory and macabre television show that is no doubt a guilty pleasure for a lot of horror fans, or is that just me?… His arrogance, smugness and killer good looks soon made him a hugely popular character and an even bigger star. Since then he has flexed his muscles (pardon the pun) and delivered us chilling Charlie Venner in the 2011 Straw Dogs remake and Michael in the bizarre Melancholia to name but a few.

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Still on the rise let’s hope we get a few more horror outings on his résumé so he can continue to thrill us with smouldering mystique and effortless acting abilities. To a Hothouse Hunk with real bite.

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If you prefer the fairer sex, check out April’s Hothouse hoe, Eva Green.

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