Hothouse Hunk: Michael Fassbender (May 2012)

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In this day and age, when a talented male actor comes along its rare; when they also have an impressive and diverse filmography behind them it’s rarer still. When they are drop dead gorgeous on top of that? Well, that’s a revelation. May I introduce Michael Fassbender.

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The German-Irish actor is the man of the moment owing to the smash hit sci-fi flick Prometheus (2012) where he stars alongside previous hothouse ho Noomi Rapace. But this is not his first foray onto cinemas underbelly. Besides an impressive selection of acclaimed films outside the horror umbrella he is also well known within “the club” for films including the Nazi vengeance gig Town Creek (2009) and the disturbingly brilliant Eden Lake (2008).

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With the apparent trend of him dipping his toes into the horror pool every few years we can always hope that he will continue to pop in for a visit and provide respite with some much needed eye candy. No shame in that is there?

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