Hothouse Hottie: Eliza Dushku (August 2012)

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So it would appear that last month’s lady Deborah Ann Woll is sandwiched in between two vampire slayers (unlucky for her). In June we saw Sarah Michelle Gellar take the crown, and now it’s the ‘bad slayer’s’ turn. She burst onto our screens in Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and gave us a darker alternative to Buffy’s blonde and bouncy personality…and I’m not just talking about the fact she is a brunette.

Black leather, dark lipstick, tattoos and that bad girl attitude – Faith was the embodiment of the anti-slayer and whilst it pissed us off that she was treading all over Buffy’s turf, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy it. Everyone loves a bad girl after all.

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Early noughties horror Wrong Turn really sealed Eliza’s place amongst our hottest women in horror. Our full attention was held throughout the entire movie, but whether that was because of the plot, the acting or her ripped, bloody white vest, we’re not quite sure.

She also starred in 2009’s Open Graves, a decent little movie revolving around a group of surfers who find an old board and quickly realise that every time it is played someone meets a gruesome end. Very reminiscent of Jumanji.

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Next year Eliza is due to take on the role of Silk in the film adaptation of graphic novel, The Scribbler. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s about a young woman called Suki who is attempting to confront her mental illness with ‘The Siamese Burn’ (no, I’m not talking about the arm thing), a machine used to eradicate multiple personalities. We literally cannot wait!

She also starred in that cheerleading flick, so extra points for that.

All hail the bad slayer!

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