How to survive a zombie apocalypse

There’s been no shortage of buzz around our undead friends these past couple of years with TV shows such as The Walking Dead making it big and movies like the upcoming World War Z, a post-apocalyptic film based on the novel by Max Brooks, stealing headlines. We at The Horror Hothouse Review often wonder what it would be like if there was an outbreak of zombies and how we ourselves would fare. We’d love to think we would go all Cillian Murphy at the end of 28 Days Later on them, but in all honesty we’d probably die before we even realised what had happened.

In most films we either see the beginnings of an outbreak (Night Of The Living Dead in example) or we come in halfway through without seeing what has actually happened beforehand like in 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead. So I often wonder, how exactly would it unfold from start to finish? And then, like a fairy godmother, drop this little infographic in my inbox! Praise be.

Courtesy of

Things don’t look so good for mankind judging by that timeline *gulps*, better start training now…if only I could find that darn crossbow.

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