Hothouse Hottie: Jamie Lee Curtis (October 2012)

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With Halloween creeping up in just a matter of weeks, this month at The Horror Hothouse we’re going back in time. There’s no denying that October is probably the biggest month in the calendar for any good horror fan; a time when we can truly indulge in our obsession with Halloween parties, new horrors being release, and screenings of the old classics – the latter of which actually inspired our choice this month. We decided to step away from the likes of Sinister‘s Juliet Rylance and instead we took a good look through our favourite scream queens in the history of horror – and let’s face it, it could only have been one woman… Whether she’s smouldering in Mother’s Boys or the picture of innocence and virtue in Halloween, there’s no denying that she is not only the ultimate scream queen, but she’s also smoking hot. The Horror Hothouse  proudly present Jamie Lee Curtis as October’s Hothouse Hottie.

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Her film debut came in 1978 in the legendary horror film Halloween. This was the film that not only set the precedent for all slashers to follow, but also introduced us to two of the horror worlds most beloved characters – Michael Myers and Curtis’s Laurie Strode. Hell, even the supporting cast more than hold their own!

Next came The Fog and in 1980 both Prom Night and Terror Train, followed by Halloween II a year later – it seemed there was no stopping her as Hollywood’s favourite ‘final girl’.

Even in the early 80s, Jamie Lee wasn’t afraid of getting sexy – in 1981, she starred in the TV version of the life and death story of Playboy centerfold Dorothy Stratten, the teenager who moved to Hollywood in the late 70s to become famous.

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She went in for a change of pace in the early 90s with Mother’s Boys. It was only a matter of time before she was cast as the one with the penchant for murder and whilst it is sadly the only film in which Jamie Lee Curtis gets to flex her muscles as a first class psycho bitch, it is one of my favourites. Whilst it may not hold the same cult status and credibility as Halloween or the notoriety of True Lies, and we must confess it is a little hammy in parts, Jamie Lee Curtis rocks as a villain and looks hot doing it.

Being born into the Horror royalty, it would have been hard for the daughter of Janet Leigh not to have been welcomed into the fold, but I don’t think anyone was quite ready for just how she was going to shake up the Horrorverse.

Long hail Queen JLC!

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