Hothouse Hottie: Kristen Connolly (November 2012)

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She set hearts racing earlier in the year when she proved her worth as the final girl in Cabin in the Woods and now she’s back in brand new horror The Bay. November’s hottie is none other than Kristen Connolly, the quintessential ‘Girl Next Door’ with a sprinkling of sassy sex appeal!

In Cabin in the Woods, like any good heroine, she starts the film out demure and slightly tepid and by the end of the film she is one of the fiercest scream queens we’ve ever seen. And then there’s that one particularly memorable mirror scene…

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In her new film, The Bay, which is filmed in a home-footage style, we see Connolly once again doing her thing when a mysterious parasitic outbreak in a small Maryland town claims the lives of animals and man alike in the space of just 24 hours.

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Plus she gets bonus point for being a former pro tennis player.

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