Hothouse Hotties: Best Of 2012

It’s been a triumphant first year for the Horror Hothouse. We’ve had one hell of a time watching and reviewing horrors and keep you all updated, but one of our favourites things to do has been our Hothouse Hunks and Hotties. Over the course of 2012 we’ve brought you 12 excruciatingly sexy horror hotties and, now 2012 is drawn to a close and 2013 ushers in 12 new gorgeous girls to drool over, it’s time to reflect and pick our favourite…

Created by The Horror Hothouse Review

And the winner is…


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First Hothouse Hottie of 2013:

Alexandra Daddario (January 2013)

Last year’s ladies:

Noomi Rapace (January 2012)

Kristen Stewart (February 2012)

Kate Beckinsale (March 2012)

Eva Green (April 2012)

Charlize Theron (May 2012)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (June 2012)

Deborah Ann Woll (July 2012)

Eliza Dushku (August 2012)

Drew Barrymore (September 2012)

Jamie Lee Curtis (October 2012)

Kristen Connolly (November 2012)

Olivia Hussey (December 2012)


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