Hothouse Hunks: Best Of 2012

Its been a big year for our hunks, 12 months and twelve gorgeous men to salivate over. Now I’m sure they all fancy themselves as big tough men but lets see who comes out on top during the battle of boys to find our Hothouse Hunk of the year! Good luck and may the best man win…


And the Winner is…

Ryan Reynolds! The first and the best!

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Now let us go back to the start with January;

Hothouse Hunk: Trey Songz (January 2013)

Last years hunks in all their glory;

Hothouse Hunk: Ryan Reynolds (January 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Chris Hemsworth (February 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: David Boreanaz (March 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Alexander Skarsgård (April 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Michael Fassbender (May 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Dustin Milligan (June 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Matthew McConaughey (July 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Daniel Radcliffe (August 2012)

Houthouse Hunk: John Bernthal & Andrew Lincoln (September 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Logan Marshall-Green (October 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Patrick Wilson (November 2012)

Hothouse Hunk: Tom Hardy (December 2012)


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