Hothouse Hunk: Trey Songz (January 2013)

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With the newest chapter of the Texas Chainsaw saga finally with us everybody is like “twilight who?”. After the surprisingly enjoyable 2003 remake and another  hit in the 2006 prequel the makers of Texas Chainsaw are going to have to rely on a lot more than a 3D gimmick to placate fans. We here at the Horror hothouse aren’t shallow but a little eye candy sure helps to nudge a film in the direction of watchable (hey its a tried and tested formula!); bring in Trey Songz.

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Trey has chosen an interesting genre for his first screen outing but i cant say that I’m complaining. Keep the topless shots coming the girls and gays in the audience will stay happy and root for him well into the closing scenes.

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With a murderous maniac stalking the gang it looks unlikely we’ll see Trey in the next Texas Chainsaw movie but I’d like to think that Leatherface at least put that face and body to good use… cough…

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