Texas Chainsaw Sequel Confirmed

They didn't ask me to return for this one?
They didn’t ask me to return for this one?

Yes, we’ve only just got the new one and before you can say “chainsaw wielding, human skin wearing, cannibalistic maniac” another film has already been confirmed tentatively titled Texas Chainsaw 4, which I trust is referring to the three other films that preceded it during its current regeneration (despite the fact they have no relation to each other…).

It was inevitable that this was coming due to the surprise hit Texas Chainsaw 3D has been, but I didn’t imagine it would be confirmed quite so quickly. Let’s hope they sort the name out and make sure the film is a worthy addition to the series as the new ones have during the past decade. At this rate Leatherface is going to be rivaling Jason for sequels.

Shooting starts next year so let’s raise our hands and rejoice, who needs new ideas anyways.


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