The most anticipated horror sequels of 2013

Now the words “anticipated” and “sequel” don’t always make good bedfellows, in fact many people feel a deep loathing and repulsion where the subject is concerned. However this has never stopped people going to see them and for a handful, embracing them as genius in their own right (or just so bad they’re good). There is no shortage of sequels this year, some familiar, some unexpected, some frivolous and some orgasmic. I’m sure there will be some spanners in the works along the way but lets see what the year has to offer us…

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

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Being filmed back to back with the fourth installment of the series Cabin Fever: Outbreak, will this quirky series continues to deliver? Both being intended as sequels to track to progress of the flesh-eating virus from its conception and subsequent escalation in the Caribbean, I’m anticipating that we can expect more of the same, fun, fabulous gore and that’s fine by me.





Curse Of Chucky

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I always feel somewhat saddened when I think of Chucky, a slasher legend in his own right yet somehow always outgunned and overshadowed by his contemporaries. Now they have a chance to ditch the comedy element and try to get his scare back and perhaps in doing so rekindle more of an interest and credibility in the character which to me should be standing up there with the best of them.








Insidious Part 2

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Now this one I’m really excited for. Though information on the plot is scant (and to be perfectly frank I’m not sure I can think of a viable direction for the sequel) I cant help but remain hopeful that the film will capture the terror and magic of the original and leave me terrified with visions of Victorian widows coming to claim my body. Please don’t let us all down James Wan!




Paranormal Activity 5

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Well it seems that this is the new big film series that we can expect to drag on well beyond its best with a declining quality and increasingly rankled and absent audience. As a fan of the series I welcome the 5th installment although I’m keeping my expectations slim and who knows perhaps I’ll be surprised… or maybe not. Despite this I’m sure the Halloween cinema goers will come in droves and next January I’ll be “anticipating” Paranormal Activity 6.




The Last Exorcism Part II

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With only a couple more months to wait for this one I’m feeling pretty positive about its potential. The original was a real surprise hit for me and the ending was a joy to watch. I’m hoping that this ending will not now be cheapened to facilitate a sequel, only time will tell.






[REC] Apocalypse

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Though the series might have gone a little off track with the third installment it is now going back to he original storyline that made it such a success to begin with. My sycophantic attachment to this series aside, I remain confident the fourth installment will be a worthy addition and even at its worse, probably better than most other horrors out this year.




Hatchet III

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Victor Crowley lives! Again! I think sequels were created for the likes of this film where the back story is delved into and becomes more and more obscene and the story is rehashed until they have to resort to a telepathic final girl… *crickets*… but there is a whole faction of horror fans lives for these kind of movies and this throwback is no exception. Love live Victor Crowley, in 10 years time I can see him in space or maybe under the sea…

And as if the delights of this smorgasbord were not enough, there is much more on the horizon so keep your eyes peeled, not literally though.


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