Indie Buzz: P5Ych (2013) preview

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“It’s 1984. The five survivors, whose experiences inspired the five scariest movies of all time, are undergoing experimental treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Can The Five Survive… Again?”

Oh yes I’m excited…

P5Ych is set in 1984, during some of the horror industry’s glory years. Five people (Sandy King, Eric Talbert, Debbie Hill, Amanda Collins and Bobby White) have each survived attacks that were so notorious they inspired the greatest horror films of the time, but their survival has come at a price. Each of them are crippled by their experiences and confined to care facilities, getting through each day battling their demons and merely existing rather than living.

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However Dr. Rick Gilbert is on the case. Determined to cure them of their ills and savvy to modern experimental treatments he intends to bring the survivors face to face with their worst fears so they can move on and enjoy the gift of life that they fought so hard to protect.

With their repressed memories unleashed something goes wrong and the fantasies become a reality. Now the 5 must fight again and the stakes are high. They must gamble their lives a second time, with the odds that are well out of their favour.

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While no date has been set for this films release a buzz is already starting to grow around it. It has been hinted that we might have a finished product in 2013 and in the meantime the team is working flat-out to get the film out to its audience and I for one am happy to wait if this ensures the quality of the movie. The brainchild of Matthew Currie Holmes & Tracy L. Morse, P5Ych proves to us that there are still original ideas out there that can be fresh while incorporating affectionate nods to the films that paved a way for them and if the trailer is anything to go by we’re all going to be in for a real treat.

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We at the Horror Hothouse will definitely be keeping a very close eye on this project.


View the trailer here

P5Ych Website link

P5Ych Facebook

Twitter @P5YCHMovie


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