Top 10 Scariest Musicals

Horror and musicals, polar opposites some might say. The two rarely cross, the fans rarely mix but I say its time this separation ends. Over the years apparently people have agreed with me the the genres have been mixed with wonderful results. So don’t look away too quickly brothers and sister, here are the 10 scariest musicals! Just give it a chance OK (-;

10. Carrie The Musical

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Inspired by the Stephen King book of the same name (well minus “the musical part”) you’ve not experience Carrie until you’ve heard it interpreted through song and dance. Though it has had a shaky beginnings when it opened. it has developed a cult of its own over the years inspiring many spoofs and threats of revival.

Best Song: “I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance” – Power number that beautifully shows the increasingly difficult relationship between Carrie and her mother and an insight into her mothers bitterness.

9. The Wicker Man

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Though not a musical there is no denying the contribution the music made to making the Wicker Man such a haunting movie and slowly adds a subtle dread to the movie that is impossible to shake off.

Best Song: Willows Song – Sang during an unforgettable and poignant part of the movie so naturally I could pick nothing else.

8. Phantom Of The Paradise

Image sourced from: A hodgepodge of ideas and themes from Phantom of the Opera, A picture of Dorian Gray and Faust proved too much for critics upon the release of this movie and it was panned. However people in later years warmed to this eccentric film and it is now admired decades later as a cult classic.

Best Song: Old Souls – You can’t argue with Jessica Harper as horror royalty and her moving  yet dare I say masculine voice.

7. The Little Shop Of Horrors

Image sourced from: Triffids ain’t got nothing on Audrey II, the soulful plant with a taste for flesh. Funny, entertaining and irresistible this film continues to thrill audiences with its bizarre story and groovy rhythm.

Best Song: Feed Me (Git It) – Audrey II tries to bargain with Seymore showing us just how persuasive and manipulative the plant can be.

6. The Phantom Of The Opera

Image sourced from:  Photo credit Clive Barda  The Idea of “The Phantom of the Opera” has moved beyond being a simple idea to become an institution. A Gothic love story that still packs a spook, perhaps our phantom and his mask were a precursor to my beloved slashers… or maybe not.

Best Song: The Phantom Of The Opera – What else…

5. Repo! The Genetic Opera

Image sourced from:  This film unlike many of the others this truly qualifies as both a horror movie and a musical. While it’s tough to marry both singing and scares this movie instead goes for the gore and the picture above is from Repo! and not Saw, I promise.

Best Song: With 64 songs composed for the film (a record!) lets honour that instead.

4. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street

Image sourced form:  The classic tale that takes us on the grim journey of Sweeney Todd in an even grimmer London. Tim Burton was the obvious choice for this adaption and he did a great job on both the scares and the songs.

Best Song: The Worst Pies in London – The antithesis to Mary Poppins, a catchy and fun number that really entertains.

3. Bat Boy: The Musical

Image sourced from:  This is an interesting one, there is blood, there is murder and there is tragedy that would have made the Greek wince but it is also a beautiful and touching story of a boy who just could not fit it despite his best efforts. It hits all the right marks and is an exceptional piece of musical theater.

Best Song: Three Bedroom House/Let Me Walk Amongst You/A Home For You/Comfort & Joy – and so on and so forth! It’s all great!

2. Evil Dead: The Musical

Image Sourced Fro:  Never mind the remake it’s all about the musical. Just as unsubtle as the original, it takes the comedy and augments it never losing its charm for a second. I could never have imaged this film would successfully transfer into a musical but I can say unequivocally that I was wrong.

Best Song: Cabin In The Woods – A perfect example of what the show has to offer.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

image sourced from: This show is genius, out with the wishy-washy, saccharine sentiments one usually finds in a musical and in with the fun. It takes things to the limits as the hedonistic extraterrestrials entertain and unwitting and uptight couple. Everyone should see this film, it transcends genre boundaries.

Best Song: Time Warp/Sweet Transvestite – Instantly recognisable and joyful songs, it doesn’t get much better! It’s just a jump to the left…

And now lets look towards the future generation of horror musicals. With Spidarlings by Salem Kapsaki, starring Sophia Disgrace and Rahel Kapsaski out this year, we’ll surely have a new contender for the list? We think so, watch out Carrie The Musical, you’re about to get bumped…

See our preview for Spidarlings (2013)

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  1. Ship's Cook says:

    I saw re-Animator the Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2012, top value entertainment, would love the soundtrack

    1. The Horror Hothouse says:

      Now we know what to get you for Christmas 😉

  2. Hello! There is a new horror musical coming soon called “The Exorcism of Danny Fontaine” which is being crowdfunding using Indiegogo. It’s VERY scary! Please check it out and support here:

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