Top 10 Shameless Screen Covers

Since being based on Shaftesbury Avenue, hours of my life have been spent in Fopp perusing shelf after shelf of books and DVDs. You can only imagine my delight when they extended their ‘horror’ section to include a vast array of Shameless Screen Entertainment films for just £5 a pop! From The Beast In Space to Strip Nude For Your Killer, Fopp has undoubtedly reawakened Horror Hothouse’s passion for all things vintage horror. 

Firstly attracted to the bright yellow plastic of the box, I found myself pulling out almost every single DVD, marvelling at the sensational covers and quirky, hilarious titles. The best thing? Once you’ve pulled your eyes away from the bright yellow stand of Shameless DVDs, you’ll see a whole rack of Arrow movies *dies*… I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or indeed a film, but it’s just so damn hard to only pick up one DVD, when they all look so damn exciting. Somewhere along the way horror films lost their way when it came to marketing, I’ll tell you that. So, in no particular order, here are some of our favourite posters/artworks from horrors long since forgotten by the general public. How’s that for a blast from the past?! 


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