The Horror Hothouse Zoo: Top 10 Killer Animal Movies

With the grizzly bear horror Red Machine currently pending it got me thinking about other beasts that have thrilled us over the years. Horror movies are so often filled with fantastic and terrifying creatures that boggle the mind, so it’s easy to forget that terror can be a lot more ordinary and in some cases, close to home…

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10. Snakes On A Plane (2006)

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“I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!” Nuff said.

9. The Ghost & The Darkness (1996)

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Perhaps the true horror behind this is the fact that this filmed is based on true events. Or maybe it’s the big motherfucking lions…

8. Arachnophobia (1990)

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Spiders are built for horror bless them. They will forever be the villains (well except for Charlotte) and it’s for a good reason. Eight legs, eight eyes, eight shades of horror.

7. Rogue (2007)

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One of nature’s perfect predators and therefore perfect for a horror film. Films featuring these frisky fellas are notoriously bad but there are however a few stars in an otherwise cloudy sky.

6. Piranha (1978)

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Strength in numbers, that’s where the terror lies. They don’t call them the zombies of the rivers for nothing. Though they are not deserving of their vicious titles they look  too damn good to pass up.

5. Burning Bright (2010)

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We’ve had lions and bears oh and here comes the tiger. If you’ve ever wondered how to survive the night trapped in a house with a tiger and a brother with special needs look no further.

4. Willard (2003)

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When your only friends are rats it’s not going to end well.

3. The Birds (1963)

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One of cinemas most unlikely villains and perhaps even more astonishingly, one of its scariest. The impassive faces of the birds, the brutality of their attacks and their relentless patience never fail to terrify.

2. Cujo (1983)

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Man’s best friends perhaps, women and children on the other hand better run for cover in the nearest car. But let us not forget the true villain of this film…

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1. Jaws (1975)

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Who else could it be? Does anyone ever enter the sea without worrying this beast might be silently stalking them beneath the water? Wondering if when you get the first glimpse of that dorsal fin you’d be able to swim fast enough to get back to shore, the silent prayers there is someone in the water slower than you…


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