Hothouse Hottie: Teresa Palmer (February 2013)

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Our February Hottie has long since had a penchant for horror. She’s come from humble roots as one of the ‘pool party people’ in Wolf Creek and now she’s starring in what promises to be one of the biggest films of the year, February’s upcoming zombie flick Warm Bodies.

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From being an extra in Wolf Creek back in 2005, just a year later she starred as Vanessa (friend to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s sister)  in The Grudge 2.

Now this year her face is across billboards worldwide and she is about to be transported (most likely) into the elite of bright, young actresses alongside the likes of Emma Watson and – of course – Twilight and The Messengers star Kristen Stewart with whom she shares an uncanny likeness and who happened to be February 2012’s Hothouse Hottie!

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Alongside February’s Hothouse Hunk Nicholas Hoult she will play the part of Julie in the movie adaptation of the novel by Isaac Marion. Due out next week (8th February (UK)) this movie is set after a zombie epidemic and focuses on R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie (Teresa Palmer). After chowing down on the brains of Julie’s then-boyfriend, R feels compelled to help Julie escape from the rest of the zombies, and, during their fight for survival, the pair develop a special bond. As their relationship turns romantic, R’s zombie curse starts to go into submission and it would seem that once again R is becoming human. What’s more, other zombies seem to be coming back to life as well.

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With the undoubted success of Warm Bodies, we’re waiting with baited breath for Miss Palmer to get her teeth stuck into a real, gritty horror film. Let’s hope we’re not disappointed. We can see her now, running down a dark alley in an attempt to lose her assailant wearing a pair of tight jeans and a torn, white vest…

Check out the trailer for Warm Bodies here.

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