Hothouse Hunk: Nicholas Hoult (February 2013)

Image sourced from:’s come a long way since his humble days as a child actor or the over-indulged tween on the English television series Skins. His star is now rising and Nicholas is well on his way to becoming one of the most promising and exciting young actors around and he has really been showing he’s skills since A Single Man in 2009.

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Now he has an impressive resume; he’s played a Titan, and X-man and now most importantly a zombie in the brand new film Warm Bodies (check out the trailer and brand new TV spots). We love a genre twist here at the Hothouse and this paranormal romance/zomedy delivers just that. It tells the story of a hideous zombie (kinda (-; ), R, who falls for Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer) after eating her boyfriends brains and in spending time with her becomes more human (and more attractive). I think you’ll all agree it’s a very cute and quirky idea and it hits cinemas soon, but will Nicholas’ hunkiness be enough to push Warm Bodies into our Top 10 zombie movies? Only time will tell…

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So what does the future hold for Mr. Hoult? Well in March his next film Jack the Giant Slayer is out so I think it’s safe to say that things are looking very bright for him, very bright indeed.

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