Indie Buzz: Other (2012) Review

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Selected for screening at almost 50 film festivals and winning 15 awards last year including ‘Best Short Film’ at United Film Festival Chicago and Celluloid Screams: Sheffield Horror Festival, it’s safe to say that we at The Horror Hothouse were really looking forward to watching this highly-tipped indie body-horror/sci-fi flick.

Running at just 15 minutes Other, directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio, focuses on doctor Patrick (David Steiger) who has become obsessed with trying to cure himself of his life threatening disease through a series of strange and bizarre experiments. It is whilst he is carry out his unconventional research that he discovers a scientific loophole and now he runs the risk of losing everything to ensure that he sees this tests through to the very end.

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With no real dialogue, the short film is essentially a 15-minute montage of Patrick carrying out these grim and stomach-curdling experiments whilst the occasional non-diegetic voiceover allows us to learn a little more about the doctor, his discovery and what it is he is trying to achieve. A one-man show, Other perpetuates Patrick’s battle both physically and mentally in a piece of film so mesmerising that whilst at times you may want to look away due to the extremely graphic effects, you physically can’t. It’s like your head is set in an invisible vice, forcing you to watch on, eyes wide. It’s no surprise to hear that the short has received notable praise for the fantastic special effects. It comes as no surprise to find out that director Daniel DelPurgatorio has previously worked in special effects departments on larger productions.

Fans of independent film and body horror – you need to see this!

Check out the trailer and some production stills here.

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Score: 444/666

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For more information visit the Other website:

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