Indie Buzz: Project Fear (2013) Preview

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For fans of The Descent (we’re quaking in our boots already) comes psychological horror Project Fear.

The plot centres on four friends who have decided to go on a hiking trip to Yosemite National Park, but (shock horror) there’s a twist. Film student Luke has been assigned the task of documenting ‘fear’ and during the hiking excursion he intends to truly terrifying his pals whilst capturing the whole thing on film. As things go from slightly eerie to damn right terrifying, the group start to wonder if something really freaky is happening or if it is just their imaginations.

Directed by Scott Hansen and co-written by Hansen and Carl Ball, this promises to be yet another great indie flick lined up for 2013…and if it is anything like The Descent, then we’re likely to use our shit, cause that was just terrifying.

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