Indie Buzz: The Silence (2010) Preview & Trailer

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Directed by Swiss-born Baran bo Odar and filmed in Germany, this film has been doing the rounds since 2010, but next month the film will finally see a theatrical release in the US. As of the 8th March 2013, horror fans (and fans of The Killing, naturally….) in LA, New York, Chicago and more will be able to pop down to the movies to see The Silence.

Adapted from the Jan Costin Wagner novel Silence, the film proceeds on a hot summer day when a girl named Pia is murdered in a wheat field. 23 years later another girl, 13-year-old Sinikka, goes missing and her bicycle is found abandoned in the same spot, which leads the police to believe that the killer has returned all these years later. With the help of the retired investigator who worked on the first case, detectives David and Jana struggle to find the girl and solve the crime. Meanwhile, old wounds are opened for Pia’s mother when she is visited by someone who has an ‘eerie connection’ to her daughter.

Despite having no dialogue, the trailer grabbed our attentions from the openining scene and, being big fans of a good old crime thriller, this looks like it will well and truly sate our appetites for a fresh ‘whodunit’.

Check out the trailer here:

For more information and to find out if the film is screening near you, click here.

Follow director Baran bo Odar on Twitter @baranboodar.


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