Hothouse Hottie: Nora Arnezeder (March 2013)

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Dare we say it but move over Eva Green, there’s another French actress hot on your heels. Starring alongside everyone’s favourite hobbit Elijah Wood in upcoming horror Maniac, our Hothouse Hottie this month is somewhat of a newbie to the horror scene, so, without further ado let us introduce her to you – Miss Nora Arnezeder.

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Due on in the UK on 15th March, Maniac focuses on a serial killer with a fetish for scalps. Frank (Wood) is a mentally disturbed owner of a mannequin store who lives with his mother, but when young artist Anna (Arnezeder) comes into his store seeking help with her new exhibition, his life changes. As their friendship develops, Frank’s obsession begins to flourish and it’s not long before we realise that Anna has unleashed his repressed desire to stalk and kill. Sound familiar? I thought so, yet one more 80s remake for the list.

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Miss Arnezeder has also played the role of Ana in thriller Safe House featuring Hothouse Hunk Ryan Reynolds. The film is about a young CIA agent who is assigned to look after a fugitive in a safe house, but when the house is attack, he finds himself on the run.

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Born in Paris, Nora has starred in mostly French films, but we’re predicting big things from her following her role in Maniac, so keep your eyes peeled.

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