Indie Buzz: The Conduit (2013) Stills

Image sourced from The Conduit's Official Facebook PAge
Image sourced from The Conduit’s Official Facebook PAge

Directed by Sixto Melendez and produced by Javier Gomez comes exciting new indie horror film, The Conduit.

The plot focuses on Eddie (Wes Martinez) who has been plagued by a tragic event that happened in his childhood. Newly divorced, he returns to his hometown to try and piece his life back together but, unable to do so, he attempts to commit suicide and ends up in therapy. Whilst in therapy, he falls for Amy (Monica Engesser), a mysterious young woman with a dark and sinister past who has the power to either save Eddie or devour his soul entirely.

Thanks to producer Javier Gomez, we can share with you some exclusive stills from the original frames of the film. Watch this space for more info!

For more information, click here for the film’s website.

Don’t forget to follow The Conduit on Twitter at @TheConduitMovie and like them on Facebook.


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