Indie Buzz: The Pyramid (2013) Preview & Trailer

Image supplied by Alex Visani
Image supplied by Alex Visani

This morning I received an email containing the exciting information that indie Italian horror anthology The Pyramid had been completed and was almost ready for release! And, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, there was also a link to the official trailer.

Written by Alex Visani and Raffaele Ottolenghi, The Pyramid is an anthological horror flick divided into four different stories, all of which are connected by one object; a bizarre little pyramid. Over the centuries the pyramid has been the catalyst for wide-spread death and destruction and, after being lost for years, it has accidentally been reawakened to once again bring forth madness and mayhem.

Image supplied by Alex Visani
Image supplied by Alex Visani

The film was created by five independent Italian directors; Alex Visani, Antonio Zannone, Luca Alessandro and duo directors Simone Chiesa and Roberto Albanesi and will be available in both English and Italian.

Feast your eyes on this amazing trailer featuring some deeply cool graphic images and scenes so good we’re almost jumping up and down with excitement. This is definitely one of the slickest and most effective trailers we have ever seen, for an indie film or otherwise.

To find out more information take a look at The Pyramid‘s website and follow Alex on Twitter at @Alex_Visani

Make sure you check out my interview with writer and director Alex Visani here and read the preview here.


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