Indie Buzz: Anger of the Dead (2013) Preview

Image sourced from official Facebook page

Image sourced from official Facebook page

Written and directed by Francesco Picone and currently in production is the new independent zombie short, Anger of the Dead. Whilst very few details have been released so far as it’s not long into shooting, it seems only natural that we should start shouting about it as it comes from the man who gave us acclaimed short, I’m Dead.

The films is said to be set in both the present and in the post-apocalyptic future where cities have become overrun by the dead.

Cast members confirmed so far are Alex Lucchesi (Eaters), Serena Bilanceri (The Labyrinth), Federico Mariotti, Alessio Cherubini (My Lai Four) and Beatrice Baldaccini (Shrek the Musical). Also involved in the crew is famous make-up artist Carlo Diamantini (Zombie Massacre) and visual effect supervisor Alessio Barzocchini (Virtual Zone).

In the meantime, to whet your appetites, take a look at these behind the scene stills!

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