Indie Buzz: Porcelain Presence (2013) Preview and Teaser

Image sourced from official Facebook page
Image sourced from official Facebook page

Yet another promising home-grown horror hits our Indie Buzz this week! First we brought Lord of Tears to your attention all the way from the Scottish Highlands and now, from the West Midlands, we bring you Porcelain Presence.

Due out later this year courtesy of Breaking Bones Productions comes a 100% self-funded independent feature film based on the lives of three women following on from the effects of a gruesome and devastating murder.

Directed, produced and written (along with Nicholas Mills) by Emily E. Bibb and Chris Jay this psychological thriller focuses on Anna (Anna Tarsh) a long-suffering wife who is beaten and tormented by her psychotic husband Brian (Stuart Horobin) who has an unhealthy penchant for porcelain dolls. As the domestic abuse reaches boiling point, the couples’ neighbours Sharon and Penny unwittingly uncover the truth behind the pair’s unhealthy relationship and, after a violent struggle, Brian’s tyranny is finally brought to an end. After it becomes apparent that the three women were not the only ones to witness Brian’s death, they must uncover the truth behind it all before their lives spiral even further out of control.

After watching the trailer it isn’t hard to understand why this film has amassed such a huge following on its social media outlets. The production looks slick and the acting appears very genuine, but above all – the story is absolutely brilliant. This film manages to tastefully touch upon the sensitive issue of domestic violence whilst playing it against the well-established fear of porcelain dolls (cause let’s face it, they pretty much creep everyone out) and, of course, the age-old worry of never really knowing what goes on behind closed doors.

Check out the trailer below…

For more information go to Porcelain Presence’s website and Facebook. Plus don’t forget to follow them on Twitter at @PorcelainMovie. You can also follow Emily E. Bibb at @EmilyBibbFilms and Chris Jay at @Chris_Jay.

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