Indie Buzz: 32 (2012) Review

Image sourced from official Facebook page
Image sourced from official Facebook page

Written and directed by Night Walker Cinema creators James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez, 32 is one of the most shocking and truly disturbing horror shorts we at The Horror Hothouse have seen for a while.

With a run time of just 15 minutes, Martinez and Neff manage to tell the horrific story of young woman Sarah Becker who visits her dentist, Dr Weyland, after waking up from an unsettling nightmare about her teeth falling out only to find that they are actually falling out.

Shot mostly in the sterile environment of Dr Weyland’s dentist surgery, the duo who previously bought us short film Seizure set it all up exquisitely. The plot lends itself perfectly for a short film, the characters are believable in their deliveries and the cinematography goes above and beyond the capabilities of many other independent filmmakers. Undeniably a very high caliber short film, the only fault I noticed was that Dr Weyland’s voice was completely out-of-sync, but it didn’t distract too much.

If you didn’t already have a fear of the dentist, then you definitely will after watching 32.The buildup and detail to the plot is fantastic and, as you slowly start to realise what it is that has happened and you’re thinking ‘oh God…really *vomit*?’, they hit you with a shocking ultimate climax that nobody saw coming.

This is one short film that revels in its own sick plot. Starting off tense and uncomfortable, it ends up going far beyond what Hollywood would deem as strictly decent and reminds us at The Horror Hothouse just why we love independent film so much. Bravo, Night Walker Cinema.

Score 444/666

Watch 32 below…

For more information check out Night Walker Cinema’s website and Facebook.

You can also follow them on Twitter at @NightWalkerCnma.


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