Indie Buzz: Bird with a Broken Wing Preview & Teaser Trailers

Image sourced from Broken Wing's official Facebook
Image sourced from Broken Wing’s official Facebook

They say there’s nothing scarier than a true horror story…and that’s certainly seems to be the case if you’ve had a chance to read the premise of indie horror flick, Bird with a Broken Wing.

This week we received a tweet (and later an email) from director Cameron Cloutier (It’s My Party, And I’ll Die If I Want To) informing us of his upcoming independent horror film about Janelle Lisa Cruz, the last known victim of the East Area Rapist (aka Original Night Stalker) that he has been working on for four years.

Based on the truly horrific story of Janelle, the 18-year-old who was murdered by California’s worst (not to mention still uncaught) serial killer and sex offender, Cloutier has been working closely with her family and the FBI to bring her tragic story to life.

It’s also worth shouting rather excitedly about the fact that Friday the 13th’s epic composer Harry Manfredini has been signed up to do the score!

For those of you who haven’t heard of the East Area Rapist until now – Between the years of 1976 a 1979 a man known as the East Area Rapist terrorised Sacramento. He committed over 50 break-ins and sexual assaults before disappearing. Then, in southern California, a man with a similar MO began doing the same, the main difference being that he was murdering his victims too. It wasn’t until 2000 that six of the Southern Cali murders were linked to the Sacramento attacks through DNA. Since then, even more murders have been linked to him.

Check out the teaser trailers below:

Don’t forget to check of Bird with a Broken Wing’s Facebook and fundraising page. You can also follow the film on Twitter at @BWABWmovie.


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