Indie Buzz: The Dinner Guest (2013) Preview

Image sourced from
Image sourced from

From the production company that brought us short films Seizure and 32 comes news of an upcoming feature film entitled, The Dinner Guest.

The Dinner Guest will be Night Walker Cinema’s premiere full-length feature film and creators James Neff and Joseph Dean Martinez have said that this was the idea that actually spawned the creation of Night Walker Cinema.

In the promo teaser video hosted on Night Walker Cinema’s page we see a stylishly shot montage of a man getting ready for dinner; lighting candles, shaving his beard, pouring wine, eating a bloody apple, setting out the spoiled and maggoty meat…you know, the usual (Imagine the beginning of Dexter, except more sinister and much darker).

Hailed as Night Walker Cinema’s version of a home invasion film, they are hoping to raise $6,000 by 15th June 2013 and, in true style, there are loads of great perks for those who dig deep.

With disturbing memories of 32 still fresh in our minds (a short so sick that it goes far beyond anything anyone in Hollywood could have conjured up) we at The Horror Hothouse eagerly await our invitation to The Dinner Guest.

We can also announce that Face Off’s Eric Fox has been signed as the Special Effects artist. Exciting or what?

Check out the promo video below…

For more information check out Night Walker Cinema’s website and Facebook.

You can also follow them on Twitter at @NightWalkerCnma.


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