Indie Buzz: Whatever Happened to Harry Fish? Stills

We first introduced you to Scottish indie film Whatever Happened to Harry Fish? last week. A psychological thriller from Glasgow-based production company HewittG.Productions, the film’s trailer suggests that we can expect to see a very promising and gritty independent movie – which is always exciting!

Directed by G J Hewitt, produced by Ian Sides and starring Ian Sides, Lissa Dougal, Sharon Fehlberg, Alex Robertson and Anthony Quirke, the film focuses on an insomniac called Harry Fish who begins to doubt his own sanity when a malevolent spirit starts to haunt him. In his quest to work out what the ghost want, he discover some unsettling truths about himself and his closest relatives.

Check out the trailer here and take a peak at some stills from the set below…

To find out more go to HewittG.Productions’s Facebook page and don’t forget to follow them onTwitter at @HewittGPro


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