Indie Buzz: Anger of the Dead (2013) Trailer

Image sourced from official Facebook page
Image sourced from official Facebook page

Back in March we first featured zombie short Anger of the Dead on The Horror Hothouse with our Indie Buzz preview.

From SmallMovie video production and written and directed by Francesco Picone (I’m Dead), we now finally have a trailer of the new zombie short Anger of the Dead to feast our eyes on. Set in both the present and in the post-apocalyptic future where cities have become overrun by the dead, we are now even more excited for the release of this promising new indie short.

The plot focuses on Alice and Nicholas who have survived the zombie epidemic that has ravaged the world. From watching the trailer we can see, much as expected, that the editing is expertly done, the camera work stunning, the acting great and the zombies are plain terrifying.

Check out Anger of the Dead’s Indiegogo page to find out how you can get involved in the project – all donations will be entirely invested in production. Of course, as with all good Indiegogo fundraising projects, you will receive a great prize incentive.

Cast members confirmed so far are Alex Lucchesi (Eaters), Serena Bilanceri (The Labyrinth), Federico Mariotti, Alessio Cherubini (My Lai Four) and Beatrice Baldaccini (Shrek the Musical). Also involved in the crew is make-up artist Carlo Diamantini (Zombie Massacre) and visual effect supervisor Alessio Barzocchini (Virtual Zone).

Watch the trailer below…

Don’t forget to like the Anger of the Dead on Facebook and like SmallMovie productions on Twitter at @Smallmoviefilm


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