Indie Buzz: Dream Seekers’ The Beast (2012) to be made into a feature film

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When Peter Dukes sent us the link to his werewolf short The Beast, we finished our review with our hearts set on a full-length feature. Now it would seem that our prayers have been answered and Dream Seekers Productions have announced that The Beast will be made into a full-length feature film.

Seemingly in the business of making dreams coming true, Dukes is one of the most promising independent filmmakers that we at The Horror Hothouse have had the pleasure of writing about.

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Like all films that come from Dream Seekers Productions, The Beast is not a typical horror film. With a distinctive ‘old horror’ vibe, the short’s main focus is the emotional struggle of a father whose son is cursed with a lycanthropic affliction. Starring indie horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies and Take This Lollipop) as the father in question, the film is set in the woods on the night of the full moon. Michel (Bill Oberst Jr.) and his brother Douglas (Peter Le Bas) venture into the woods with an aim of tying Michel’s son Jacob (Alexander Le Bas) to a tree to prevent him from hurting anyone once he has transformed in a werewolf. However, following on from untold months of this, it seems the uncle has come up with his own solution to end Jacob’s suffering and keep the town safe.

As we said during our initial review, The Beast showcases perfectly that as long as the talent is there it doesn’t matter how limited a filmmaker’s budget or time is. Even with a short film that runs at a mere 12 minutes, Dukes has the capability to make some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters looks like child’s play, so we shudder with excitement to think what he will be able to achieve with his debut feature film.

Check out our review of The Beast short here.

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We’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing director, writer & producer Peter Dukes and actor Bill Oberst Jr check out their interviews here and here, respectively.

Image sourced from Dream Seekers Prod Official Facebook Page
Image sourced from Dream Seekers Prod Official Facebook Page

Dream Seekers Productions are also currently working on upcoming horredy short Little Reaper about the Grim Reaper’s difficult teenage daughter. Check out our preview here.

Check out Dream Seekers Productions website here and don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @DreamSeekerFans.


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